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Treatment Procedure and Timing

Treatment times vary based on the diagnosed condition and number of locations to be treated. An acute joint problem may be treated in as few as 10 minutes while a fibromyalgia patient may require an hour-long treatment across multiple locations throughout the body.

Treatment schedules also vary depending on the diagnosed condition.

  • Number of treatments usually range from 3-12
  • More difficult conditions can be treated every day, eventually tapering to every other or every third day
  • Less severe conditions can be treated every 2-3 days
"I would like to tell you about my own personal experience. I developed Patellar Tendonitis as a sport injury. I had been on physical therapy, antiinflammatory therapy with non-steroidals and sport cessation. Two months of treatment passed with no relief on the pain and no relief on the physical limitation. I underwent a five minute treatment with TMR and the next day I was in full physical activity, playing sports at full range. The relief lasted for approximately one week. I had more treatment on a less frequent basis. At the present time I am pain-free, not taking any medication and still playing sports."

— Waldo Concepcion, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery, Chief of Clinical Transplantation,
Chief of Pediatric Kidney Transplantation; Stanford University School of Medicine